Whatever your life's work is,

do it well. 

Martin Luther King Jr

Welcome to Vitae Opus, offering you

  • Free online coaching, especially if you are experiencing redundancy without any outplacement or career support


  • Up to date and practical skills, advice and information across three potential routes forward, to enable successful

            JOB HUNTING  to find, win and enjoy future work opportunities


            SELF EMPLOYMENT  to create, launch and grow your own business


            ACTIVE RETIREMENT  to value and relish a new phase in your life 

You are invited to

  • Allow plenty of time to take on board and apply the wealth of useful knowledge, tools and activities provided

  • Recognise the benefits and enhancements the coaching has provided by making an online charitable donation

  • Pass the portal on to anyone who may find it helpful, we need to look after each other in these challenging times