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Free Redundancy Coaching and Outplacement Advice

Vitae Opus offers free online coaching for anyone adversely affected by redundancy with practical and user friendly advice and guidance on job hunting, self-employment and active retirement

The three programmes include pragmatic tools, techniques and activities to enable the acquisition of both key knowledge and also essential behaviour change to successfully move forward

The content is based on 30+ years outplacement, career transition, coaching and HR consultancy experience working with 100s of UK and international organisations

There's no catch!  The website is completely free to use, does not involve sharing any personal information, with just an informal invitation to make a charitable donation by CLICKING HERE

In these challenging times, we need to look after each other in whatever ways we can and thousands of people have used and valued the support Vitae Opus has provided

Somewhere along the way, we must

learn that there is nothing greater

than to do something for others.’  

Martin Luther King Jr.

As well as using the website yourself, please pass the details of the website on to anyone you know who may find it useful

Please also feel free to provide constructive feedback or suggestions on any of the three modular programmes by clicking below and going to the bottom of the page 

CLICKING HERE to provide feedback on the Job Hunting programme

CLICKING HERE to provide feedback on the Self-Employment programme

CLICKING HERE to provide feedback on the Active Retirement programme

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