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Free Redundancy Coaching and Outplacement Advice

This modular programme will help you to formulate, organise and implement an effective active retirement plan confidently to ensure that you value and enjoy the opportunities and experiences retirement offers

The modules below will enable you to

  • Get yourself ready – preparing yourself for this big change, either before you retire, or as soon as you have retired 

  • Welcome new challenges – you will have lots of options and avenues to identify, choose from and then enjoy


  • Have a positive attitude – managing and developing your wellbeing, motivation, resilience and courage

  • ​Manage you time effectively – so that you feel fulfilled and satisfied with how you are using your valuable time

  • Manage meetings – whether formal/informal or individual/group situations, communicating well will be a key tool

  • Realise your potential – recognising and celebrating your skills/strengths/achievements and, if needed, build a CV

  • Find new roles – if your goals include part time paid or unpaid work, then an effective job campaign will be crucial 

The modules below contain easy to use guidance and information to help you to realise your retirement ambitions  

Just click on each module and invest time in digesting the advice and undertaking the activities provided

Share the activities undertaken and your output from them with others for their feedback and as a sounding board

We hope you enjoy and value the advice provided and that the programme helps you to enjoy your retirement

We only ask that you consider recognising the value of the information and support provided by making an online charitable donation by CLICKING HERE

Active Retirement
We would value your constructive feedback

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